Air Ticketing Basic to Advance
(Premium Course)

Unlock Your Potential in the Travel Industry

Why Choose This Course?

Career Advancement

  • Be Industry-Ready: Learn cutting-edge airline industry practices.

  • Practical Skills: Learn through real-world ticketing scenarios.

  • Career Growth: Modules designed to boost your career in the travel industry.

  • Grow Professionally: Open doors to leadership roles and influence.

Enhance Your Expertise

  • Even if you hold major institutional certificates, there’s always room for growth.
  • Our course provides specialized training, allowing you to deepen your understanding of fare calculation procedures, global distribution systems (GDS), and industry best practices.

What You Will Learn ?​

✈️ Aviation Terminology.
✈️ Aviation Phonetics.
✈️ Airport & Airlines Fundamentals.
✈️ Civil Aviation License.
✈️ How to Operate a Travel Agency.
✈️ Aviation Geography
✈️ LCC
✈️ Fare calculation
✈️ Sabre.
✈️ Galileo.
✈️ Amadeus.
✈️ Online Ticketing. 
✈️ Soft Skills 
✈️ CV and Resume
✈️ OTA
✈️ Fare
✈️ Reissue.
✈️ Refund.
✈️ EMD
✈️ Group Ticket
✈️ BSP 

Course Duration

4 Month

Course Fee

30,000 TK