Air Ticketing Basic to Advance
(Premium Course)

Why This Course​?

National Technical and Vocational Qualification Framework (NTVQF).
 NTVQF is a new effort to bring the country up to par with the developed world. Here, an attempt is made to bring the various skill development courses within one framework.

Why do you do NTVQF Level II?

We have many talented people who can work in different fields. But how to do the work will increase the accuracy of your work, you will understand if you complete the levels. If you complete the levels then you can get a good position in a very good company.
Those of us who have various major institutional certificates can do these courses to increase their knowledge. They can do NTVQF Levels.

What You Will Learn ?​

✈️ Aviation Terminology.
✈️ Aviation Phonetics.
✈️ Airport & Airlines Fundamentals.
✈️ Civil Aviation License.
✈️ How to Operate a Travel Agency.
✈️ Aviation Geography
✈️ OSH
✈️ Fare calculation
✈️ Sabre.
✈️ Galileo.
✈️ Amadeus.
✈️ Online Ticketing. 
✈️ Soft Skills 
✈️ CV and Resume
✈️ OTA
✈️ Fare
✈️ Reissue.
✈️ Refund.
✈️Client Handling.
✈️ EMD
✈️ Group Ticket
✈️ Tourism Basic

Course Duration

4 Month

Course Fee

30,000 TK