“Career Opportunities in Airlines Industry”

“Career Opportunities in Airlines Industry”

The other name of Tourism Business is the business which is possible through the precise presentation of any place or any attraction. The combination of some sectors is necessary to present tourism and the tourism industry is consisting of this combination. This industry moves forward by centralizing transportation, communication, foods, beverage, entertainment and attractions. World tourism is now much more ahead than ever before and aviation industry has played an important role here behind the progress of the industry. Successful commercial flight of planes has added a new dimension and the world have come within our own hand.

These two-word travel and tourism are the most talked-about words of the current world. The number of travel-seekers is increasing day by day. Air route has become the most popular and easiest way for communicating from one country to another. The whole world is traveling in air route. Day by day the prospect of the aviation sector is increasing commercially, in the same way the need of skilled manpower is also increasing. In the world, 290 airlines from 117 different countries are operating their schedules flights to different terminals of the world by the means of their airlines international trade organization “International Air Transport Association (IATA).”

According to the information of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), on an average, daily one million flights are operated in different terminals of the world. From the context of air transportation, Bangladesh being a very lucrative destination is in the top among all the destinations. Airlines industry will offer you most prestigious job in this sector such as- Airport operations, Cargo operations, airport service, ground operations, GSA Operations, customer service, sales and marketing, ticketing and reservation, cabin crew and air hostage, air traffic control and so on. More than 40 airlines (Passenger & Cargo operations) are directly operating their commercial flights from Bangladesh.  Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific, Druk Air, Maldivian airlines, China Southern Airlines, China Easterna Airlines, Egyptian Airways, Fly Dubai, Qatar Airways, Air Arabia, Air India, US-Bangla Airlines, Regent Airways, Novo-Air, United Airways, and some other renowned airlines are operating their services from Bangladesh he added.

The biggest and commercial IATA ticketing and travel agent’s association of Bangladesh, “The Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh (ATAB)” is considering this sector as a potential one of Bangladesh. About 35 thousand skilled manpower will be needed in Bangladeshi aviation sector in the next few years for airport service, ground operation, promotion and development, ticketing arrangement, flight service and office management. Besides, a great number of skilled manpower is also needed in IATA Accredited Travel Agencies under ATAB membership (3500 Travel Agencies).


Md. Shaifullar Rabbi

BBA & MBA, Major in Tourism and Hospitality Management, University of Dhaka 

Coordinator & Lecturer, Department of tourism & Hospitality Management, DIIT-NU

Assessor- Ticketing & Reservation, Bangladesh Technical Education Board

Senior Trainer- HB Aviation Training Center.

The Government of Bangladesh has taken different types of projects with a view to bringing proper dimension in the airlines sector of the country as well as preparing skilled manpower. Meanwhile, with a view to implementing these projects the government has introduced ILO-BSEP, SEIP project, BTEB-NTVQF (Ticketing and Reservation) training with the financial aid of Canadian government along with ILO. Those students who have completed their training under this project will be capable of getting jobs in different sectors of tourism and aviation according to their qualification. Those who are interested in this sector can get training facilities on Tourism and Hospitality Management, Aviation Management, Travel Agency and Tour Operations, Ground Handling, Cargo Operations, BSP Operations, Ticketing and Reservation, Hotel Management, Flight Operation Management, Tour Guiding, Travel Desk Management and so on from Daffodil Institute of IT, National Hotel and Tourism Training Institute , Bangladesh Hotel Management and Tourism Training Institute, ATAB Tourism Training Institute, HB Aviation Training Center, Update College, Regent Aviation Academy, Aeronautical College of Bangladesh, College of Aviation Technology, United College of Aviation and so on.

In upcoming days, Tourism and Aviation will work as an aid to help reduce the number of unemployed from Bangladesh. Many younger people will work in four domestic airlines; Biman Bangladesh airlines, Us Bangla, Regent airways and Novo air along with some other foreign airlines. This industry will work as a weapon to help reduce the unemployment problem of Bangladesh.

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