Terms and Condition

HB Aviation Training Center is introduced to provide the talented candidates with the opportunity to develop their academic and practical potential to a higher level.

To be in the HB Aviation Training Center is a privilege that brings with it certain expectations. The institute with only support and provide resources to the students in the Training Center who meet the following commitments:

  1. Enroll in a full training program that includes the attachments.
  2. Attend all the classes and provide a satisfactory explaination for all the absences.
  3. Work cooperatively in class, submitting all set work.
  4. Behave in a manner around the institute and in the general community that reflects favorably upon the HB Corporation.
  5. Dress in a dignified manner when representing HB Aviation Training Center and wear the official uniform designed for the training.
  6. Students Who fail to meet the requirements of the program may be suspended or removed from the program.
  7. HB Aviation Training Center as well as the HB Corporation has the sole authority to terminate the program at any moment if necessary.