Not having qualified staff is a major obstacle to managing a travel agency business. There is still a dearth of skilled and qualified staff in this trade. To work in this trade, the candidate must has to know about Aviation Language, Software and Travel Agency Behavior. Because of this, by hiring a new fresh staff, by teaching them the basic work of a travel agency, the employer gets a lot of time, money and labor costs. Travel agency owners want this kind of staff, who can understand their work from the very beginning.

HB Aviation Training Center is working to solve this problem for the travel agency owner. HB Aviation Training Center is making a niche for qualified people by teaching them the basic tasks of a travel agency. And the travel agency owners are able to find the qualified candidates for their travel agency through interviews from HB Aviation without any kind of cost.

Meanwhile, the owners of agencies from different areas including Dhaka City, Motijheel, Fakirapool, Bijayanagar, Gulshan, Banani, Badda, Mirpur have picked up skilled workers from HB Aviation.

Author: Faisal

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